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October 18, 2020

The 10 Best Personal Finance Money Podcasts of 2020

The best resources on the internet to help you crush your money goals

There are plenty of personal finance resources available on the internet, but podcasts are often an underutilized medium when it comes to learning about a new topic. The best part about them is that they’re a quick, easy listen that can be combined with daily tasks like folding the laundry or chopping up vegetables for dinner. Whether you’re a beginner to the realm of personal finance or an expert with a sophisticated portfolio of investments under your belt, the experiences shared through these podcasts offer insights for everyone.

As long time fans of podcasts ourselves, we’ve polled the OnJuno community and have compiled the 10 best personal finance and money podcasts of 2020.

Best Finance Podcasts of 2020

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Popcorn Finance: If you’re a newbie to personal finance and just don’t have the time

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If you’re new to the world of personal finance and are (understandably) overwhelmed by the depth of the space, start with Popcorn Finance. These episodes range from 5–15 minutes, at most, and cover the basics of everything you need to know. From beginner-friendly topics like “Creating an Emergency Budget,” they also tackle more pertinent questions like, “What Should I Do with This Tax Refund?” or “What Does the Fed Interest Rate Cut Mean for Me?”, we’d recommend this for anyone who simply doesn’t have the time to do the finance research themselves and just wants a friendly and reliable resource instead.

Frugal Friends: If you want to learn about money but are also looking for a laugh

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If you’ve already tried to break into the personal finance bubble and have failed, try again with Frugal Friends. The hosts of this podcast imbibe their finance tips with relatable circumstances, fast-paced humour, and a binge-able quality, meaning that you’re about to find an awesome new podcast community and also learn about your 401(k) along the way. We particularly appreciate the authenticity of these hosts since they’re willing to share their mistakes and lessons learned along the way.

NPR’s Planet Money: If you want the economy explained in plain English

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The Grand Old Man of finance podcasts, NPR’s Planet Money commands a legendary status in the annals of audio reporting. With an awe inspiring 1000+ episodes produced so far, Planet Money has taken listeners on a rip-roaring tour of the economy, from serious reportage on interest rates and income taxes to wacky investigative pieces on why a dead shark costs $12 million. It’s truly the best the internet has to offer!

Journey To Launch: If you have financial goals you’re striving to reach

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Hosted by a Certified Financial Education Instructor, this podcast offers a path for everyone, regardless of where you’re at in your financial journey. The topics are relevant, featuring COVID-specific tips as well, and we love the emphasis on small, realistic strategies for financial success. In particular, what makes this podcast stand out is that not only is it hosted by a strong Black voice in Jamila Souffrant but the show also often highlights people of color in the investing world — a niche! — and we appreciate that this platform exists to spotlight their journeys.

Money Girl’s Quick & Dirty Tips for a Richer Life: If you want quick takes on money

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Don’t miss out on Laura Adams’ awesome personal finance podcast, tailor-made for busy millennials. Each episode is short, ranging from 15–25 minutes, and the guidance is actionable — the host breaks down exactly what you need to do and emphasizes making your money work for you. The advice tends to skew towards building net worth, managing money, and saving for retirement. In particular, we love that these episodes provide the education you need on issues beyond mere budgeting —  things like insurance, legal documents, taxes, or even other types of saving instruments outside of your 401(k). If you’ve mastered the “essentials” of personal finance, then this podcast will ensure that your education on the subject is never over.

Side Hustle Show: If multiple streams of income are essential to your financial goals

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2020 is the year of the side hustle. Generating a passive income seems to have become a national obsession — and every movement needs it leader. Enter Nick Loper. From outlining passive income ideas to tips on how to turn your side hustle into a full-time business to earning money through coaching, consulting, and freelancing, Nick is helping democratize side hustles and diversified income streams for everyone. The stories shared by Nick’s guests aren’t always the most glamorous, but they offer incredible insight into the raw entrepreneurial energy that still runs through our nation.

Couple Money: If you’re in a relationship

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It’s been widely discussed that combining your finances with someone else is an immense source of stress for couples. Elle Martinez, who hosts the podcast, is not only a personal finance guru, but she also has a wide breadth of knowledge in relationship management, which makes this podcast a must-listen for anyone in a serious relationship. Not only can you learn the basics of combining your finances, but you can also begin to think about more advanced topics, such as budgeting, maximizing your benefits, estate planning, and taxes. Elle has also authored a book on the topic titled Jumpstart Your Marriage & Your Money.

Mo’ Money: If you’re a girlboss with serious money goals

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While a lot of money advice is one-size-fits-all, women often need to prepare for challenging financial circumstances that are foreign to men — like taking time off for pregnancy or dealing with unequal wages. Jessica Moorhouse, the host of Mo’ Money, tackles these issues head first, pushing women to become more financially self-reliant, speaking up instead of staying quiet when it comes to a raise or other career gains, and in general, empowering themselves through increased financial literacy. While some episodes can be Canada-specific, and certainly not every episode is geared towards just women, this is one we recommend to all the girlbosses in our community.

Paisa Vaisa: If you want to hear from financial experts in emerging markets

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This podcasts taps CIOs, CEOs, startup founders and advisers to deliver personal finance advice that is super relatable. While there’s something to learn here for everyone, if you’re particularly interested in what makes emerging economies tick (and investing in the Indian market!), then this might be a little more tailored to you.

Afford Anything: If you care about your money but also about living a better life

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Paula Pant, the founder and host of Afford Anything, proclaims on her website, “You can afford anything, but not everything!” This mission statement rings true throughout the series, where Paula helps listeners align spending habits with life’s priorities. While most of us struggle with the anxiety of distributing our money, Paula has a simple formula for happiness — find what you love and what’s important to you, and cut back on everything else! With almost 300 episodes in the bank (and counting), the Afford Anything podcast is a sure bet to transform you into a money hero.


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