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Nov 27, 2020

November 27, 2020

The 8 Best Personal Finance Money Blogs of 2020

The best resources on the internet to help you crush your money goals

If you’re still getting your feet wet in the world of personal finance, or even if you’re a pro looking for tips on advanced investments, it can be difficult to know where to turn. The internet is saturated with personal finance advice, articles, and podcasts so it can be tough to find innovative ways to think about the subject of personal finance without it feeling stale, or worse, boring. But, here’s a roundup of eight of the best personal finance money blogs to follow for your needs, wherever you may be in your journey.

Best Personal Finance Blogs of 2020

OnJuno Homepage

If you’re a beginner… Money After Graduation

While the articles on this blog are helpful to all, they’re certainly geared towards recent college graduates. If you’re a young millennial or over-enthusiastic Gen Z-er, Money After Graduation is the place to start.

Their articles are perfectly tailored towards this audience, comparing the pros and cons of saving versus paying off debt or rounding up a list of the best personal finance books to invest in and even highlighting techniques for avoiding student debt if you’re contemplating a PhD or other post-grad degrees.

Standout Piece - Here’s How to Set Financial Goals You’ll Actually Accomplish

If you’re looking for day-to-day ideas on how to save... The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is extremely personable, providing articles that range from how-to’s to lifestyle hacks. Whether you’re looking for the right budgeting technique that matches your personality, or you’re looking for low-cost recipe ideas, this blog has you covered.

Standout Piece - How I Increased My Savings from $100 to $10,000 in Just Six Months

If you want a no-nonsense guide to getting started with your personal finance goals… Money Under 30

Money Under 30 primarily features articles about more “advanced” investing mechanisms, from property to insurance to credit cards, but they break down these concepts for the millennial audience they’re geared towards.

In particular, they’ve done a thorough job of detailing the impacts of COVID-19 on the investment space, whether it is house prices or stocks, which is why this is the perfect go-to for a more sophisticated millennial.

Standout Piece - How Much Cash Do You Really Need to Buy a Home?

If you want a complete snapshot of money… The Balance

Perhaps the most unique feature of this blog is its daily snapshot column, detailing everything from the current average savings rate to the current average credit card interest rate and even the number of days left till COVID-19 student loan forbearance ends.

While The Balance certainly offers much for beginners, it’s geared towards those who want to actively manage their own finances. From articles analyzing financial models from the WSJ or Fidelity to explaining bitcoin, this is a blog for personal finance beginners to work up to and emphasizes relevant, up-to-date information for the world around us, pandemic included.

Standout Piece - Is a Better Savings Rate Worth Changing Banks?

If you want creative hacks to save or make money… Think Save Retire

Think, Save, Retire is among the most innovative personal finance blogs out there. From alternative ideas to a Peloton to multiple suggestions for starting and furthering a side hustle, in addition to more traditional personal finance pieces, this blog is where to turn if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on saving and budgeting.

Standout Piece - The Best Advice from Side Hustle Reddit Threads

If you’re data-driven and want to better understand the nitty-gritty details… Of Dollars & Data

This blog doesn’t always tackle the most innovative subjects—you’ll find the requisite articles about a 401(k) or the stock market on here, too—but every post features a fascinating array of graphs, charts, and data to explain popular personal finance knowledge.

For those who are data-inclined, this blog provides a treasure trove of new ways to think about finance. Of Dollars & Data even tackles interesting historical economic questions which is why this is recommended not just for a finance expert, but for someone who finds personal finance, data, and economics to be a genuine passion.

Standout Piece - Climbing the Wealth Ladder

If you want a blog that’s helpful for the entire family… Good Financial Cents

Run by a CFP, this blog has something for everyone, from advice on mortgages and insurance for the more advanced financial planner and ideas on how teens can begin saving, too.

There are a mixture of articles on how to begin investing and others geared towards experts so if you’re looking for a blog that you and your friends or family members can all discuss and share, Good Financial Cents fits the bill.

Standout Piece - 15 Ways to Invest $10,000

If you want a one-stop-shop for how-to’s, lifestyle, interviews, and more… The Penny Hoarder

Last, but not least, The Penny Hoarder. This blog has everything, from more granular articles about retirement or investing to lifestyle posts on maximizing your groceries at Trader Joe’s to interviews with regular people on how they budget.

Of all the blogs mentioned, The Penny Hoarder is one of the oldest and largest so they truly have tackled every possible topic there is to cover, including budget-friendly pet food or how to start your own at-home business. Without a doubt, this blog is a trove of information for everyone to learn from.

Standout Piece - 6 Situations That Can Drain Your Bank Account

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