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Aug 06, 2020

August 06, 2020

Same Values, Same Mission.
New Brand.

We dropped the ‘bank’. It’s cleaner. Introducing OnJuno.

As we gear up for our alpha launch in early September, we are excited to unveil our brand in a new avatar — OnJuno. With OnJuno, we continue on our mission to make banking fair and transparent. Our aim is to create a cross-border digital banking platform that provides our members with an FDIC Insured high yield checking account. We wish to completely phase out the use of savings accounts for our members by building a powerful checking account that will help our members save more with direct deposits, free cash withdrawals, and no hidden fees.

Building a brand that can be trusted

OnJuno is being built with an intention to be a safe financial vehicle for all, without compromising on the ability to grow their money. Our products encourage good financial habits and help our members save more money for their long term financial goals.

Banking today is a painful experience riddled with anxiety. We believe that managing money should not be an uphill battle, but a simple and autonomous experience that makes financial freedom accessible to all. We have put in a lot of thought and effort into making our banking interface beautiful, yet simple.

With this in mind, we set out to create our brand guidelines that are efficient, consistent, and can be used globally.

Our new logo is symbolic of the values that resonate most with our product and team — Growth, Security, and Reliability. The symbol also subtly references the letters O and J. The form is constructed using circles that allow for use across all touchpoints and garner immediate recognition.

At OnJuno, we take the job of being your gateway to the world of digital banking and financial services very seriously. We care deeply about building a brand that can be trusted and celebrated across generations. This is what we want our colors and typography to reflect.

OnJuno Blue-Purple is the main brand color as it is easily associated with trust and effortlessly gives a more serious tone to our design. OnJuno Pink is an accent color that is being used to support the Blue-Purple and highlight our messaging. We have deliberately chosen Pink as an accent color to break stereotypes in banking and present a sharp contrast in our approach. We are also using a combination of Serif and San Serif typefaces which allows us to be perceived as a serious brand that is also approachable and friendly

Post our alpha launch, OnJuno will be accessible across most browsers and devices. Members will be able to manage their personal finances from the comfort of their home using a desktop/laptop, or on the go — with our Android/iOS app.

OnJuno will also be available in a beautiful mobile-friendly interface across mobile browsers, eliminating the need to install the app. This is part of our cross-platform strategy to provide our members with a uniform experience and a consistent user interface. This is how the product is coming along:

For a digital banking platform, a physical debit card is the main touchpoint with members to showcase the brand. We are cognizant of the fact that there might be an abundance of credit and debit card options available and thus, it’s our responsibility to differentiate our card through both — design and utility. For our members, this card should be synonymous with their status and fill them with pride every time they pull it out from their wallet. The OnJuno metal card design is classy and elegant while our plastic cards are designed to stand out and make a statement.

As we begin our journey of building a brand, we want to clearly define our tone of voice while communicating with our members. It shall serve as a reflection point and ensure that we remember who we are and what we aspire to become. Our tone of voice should thus be — considerate, simple, genuine, and helpful.

OnJuno has been built by humans and therefore, it should sound like a real person. Our content should be clear and simple to comprehend, without unnecessary jargon. We should be candid with our conversations, even about our mistakes and failures.

We are excited to embark on this new journey with a new brand identity that truly defines our commitment towards building a brand our members can trust.

PS: We’re looking for talented people who are excited about building high-quality products that will impact the financial futures of millions. Join us on this journey and let’s build the future of banking together.

Varun Deshpande
Varun is the co-founder of OnJuno, a cross border neo bank. A serial entrepreneur with experience in financial services. He writes often about financial inclusion and freedom.

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