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March 18, 2021

How to Get Free Money: 18 Best Ways

Our top tips for effortlessly increasing your wealth with minimal effort.

1. Earn 20x More on Your Money with OnJuno Checking

Most checking accounts have disastrously low interest rates, but not OnJuno. You can get all the perks of a checking account — including unlimited withdrawals — but you also earn a much higher interest rate. While it’s rare to get high interest rates with a checking account, with OnJuno, you can get both.

2. Refinance Your Student Loans 

If you’re still paying off student loans, consider refinancing. This means that a lender pays off your existing loans and creates a new, single loan to be paid back at a lower interest rate — so it’s a win-win for both the lender and for you, the borrower!

3. Take Advantage of Your Company 401(k) Match

If your company offers a 401(k) match, take advantage of it! This is genuinely free money that your company offers and, while you won’t be able to access it until retirement, Future You will be very grateful.

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4. Invest in the Stock Market

Investing in the stock market, funds, or bonds will often increase your wealth passively. While building the knowledge it takes to invest successfully can be intimidating, there are multiple low-cost ways to learn without signing up for a class. Investing can be the most lucrative way to earn passive income so it’s worth making the effort to understand how to do it.

5. Open a Certificate Deposit

Outside of high-yield checking and savings accounts, you can also open a certificate deposit (CD), which has a higher interest rate for a fixed period of time. While your money can’t be taken out for that duration of time, it ultimately earns a lot more interest than your typical checking or savings account.

6. Offer Your Opinion

Visiting online survey sites has become an easy way to increase your cash stores. You can simply sign up for a free account and earn money by offering your feedback on advertisements or new product campaigns. While this does take time, it’s a reliable source of income, particularly if you enjoy surveys and want an easy way to earn money from the comfort of your home.

7. Refinance Your Mortgage

Just as refinancing your student loans can save you money, so can refinancing your mortgage. No matter what stage of life you’re in, consider refinancing your debt so that you save money in the long run. 

8. Sign up on Cashback Websites

Use cashback websites like Rakuten or MyPoints to save money when you make online purchases. Even if you only earn 1-2% on your purchase, this adds up quickly — and you can receive your total cashback earnings each quarter.

9. Track Recurring Expenses

Another easy way to save money is to review your recurring expenses and cut down on those you’re not actually using. At this point, we all have too many subscription services, so having a quick audit of your monthly expenses can save you $10-20 a month.

10. Earn Direct Cashback When you Spend at Walmart or Amazon with the OnJuno Debit Card

If you have a high-yield checking account with OnJuno, you can also earn cashback with the debit card. Cashback rewards are usually reserved for credit cards but with OnJuno, you can pick from a series of commonly used brands like Walmart, Amazon, Netflix, or Uber and earn direct cashback.

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11. Credit Card Rewards 

Nearly every credit card at this point offers rewards, whether they are airline miles or a discount on a Peloton membership. So, it is almost guaranteed that there are rewards you’re not using to cut down on your expenses. To find the top deals you’re missing out on, take a few minutes to research your credit card and identify them. You can also find ways to use your credit card points more efficiently, through a cash payment on your card or converting them to hotel points and other benefits.

12. Tax Rebates

File your taxes because chances are, you’re eligible for a tax rebate and can earn anywhere from $500 to $2K back from the state and federal governments. 

13. Sign Up for Rewards Programs

At this point, most stores have online reward programs. While it may take a few minutes to register for these, it’s worth it, as you can earn birthday discounts and other deals throughout the year to help you save. If you’re strategic about this, you can stack necessary purchases and make them all when you receive a coupon. 

14. Scan Your Receipt for Coupons

While we tend to throw away our receipts, there are often coupons or survey links in them, which you can use to save money in the future. A lot of the surveys are quick and you can be entered to win gift cards for Amazon or other major retailers. Given that not too many people even look at their receipts and take these surveys, your chances of winning are higher and you could walk away with more money than you anticipated. 

15. Sell Unused Gift Cards

Many websites will accept your old gift cards and, while you can’t get $100 for a $100 gift card, you can still get close to the full value. If this is a gift card for a brand or company you don’t shop at, it makes more sense to sell it online through these services, rather than have it collect dust in a drawer. 

16. Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Clean out your wardrobe and sell items through local consignment stores or through ThredUp, which is  a service that re-sells gently used clothing. If your items don’t match their standards, the company donates your old items for you.

17. Sell on Facebook Marketplace or Poshmark

Non-clothing items or high-end items can also be sold on either Facebook Marketplace or Poshmark. Not only would you be contributing to a more sustainable life cycle for your items, but you can make money and negotiate with buyers to get the best deals for your pre-loved items.

18. Rent Out Your Place on Airbnb

While owning multiple properties and renting them out is the best way to earn free money, it can be difficult to achieve. Renting out your apartment on Airbnb is a much easier source of free income. You can quickly and easily earn money from the empty rooms in your home, or even place your entire home on Airbnb if you’re planning to travel for a more extended period of time. 


Keertana Anandraj
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