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February 17, 2021

20 Best Money and Personal Finance Subreddits on the Internet

The internet has spoken!

The personal finance Reddit space has blown up over the past few weeks—and rightly so. The world was taken by surprise when a group on Reddit began to change the price of GameStop stock, causing multiple hedge fund companies to panic. What’s most incredible about the situation, though, is the fact that regular, everyday people were able to learn enough about the stock market and the finance world in order to enact meaningful change. Everyone, then, has the power to learn more about personal finance, stocks, and investing and what better place to start than Reddit itself? Below is a roundup of the best money and personal finance subreddits for beginners and experts alike.

1. r/PersonalFinance

Followers: 14.3mn (as of 2/4/2021)

This subreddit covers all things personal finance, from general finances to investing, debt, taxes, houses, student loans, budgeting, and much more. In particular you can find helpful Wikis within this subreddit which are great for beginners looking to start managing their money.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: You are not "family" to your company, AT&T Warning, Here’s how to get your money back if you were ripped off

2. r/Bogleheads

Followers: 39.9k (as of 2/4/2021)

A “Boglehead” is a follower of Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard and the creator of the index fund. While this is a smaller subreddit, it is focused on passive investing, mainly purchasing low-cost index funds and ETFs. Even if you’re not a “Boglehead,” this subreddit is perfect to learn more about yet another popular form of investing.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Vanguard is the only trustworthy brokerage, Index fund returns versus meme stock returns, Time to BUY we aren’t gamblers we’re investors

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3. r/financialindependence

Followers: 849k (as of 2/4/2021)

If you’ve been following the world of personal finance over the past few years, you’ll know about the rise of the FIRE movement—Financially Independent Retiring Early. This subreddit is focused primarily on the first half of this, FI, though it offers tips to achieve early retirement, too. If you want to learn how to maximize your savings (either through decreased spending or achieving a higher income) to become financially independent and have the freedom to retire early, this is the subreddit for you!

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Crossed 100K Net Worth Living in NYC as a 32 Year Old African American Woman, Proud of Coworker, Happy Buy Nothing Day

4. r/PFtools

Followers: 7.5k (as of 2/4/2021)

While a smaller subreddit, this nevertheless covers a number of useful tools for getting ahold of your personal finances. From websites to software, calculators to iPhone apps, nearly every free and paid tool related to money has been posted about and discussed here. For those looking for external tools to help them handle their finances, this subreddit is perfect.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Budget Spreadsheet Template, Free Envelope Style Budgeting Tool, Free and ad-less Budgeting App

5. r/FinancialPlanning

Followers: 192k (as of 2/4/2021)

r/FinancialPlanning is a subreddit to ask all your personal finance questions. While most subreddits are quite DIY, offering advice on how to achieve financial success on your own, this subreddit doesn’t shy away from recommending a financial advisor, when needed. As such, it’s a good place to improve your basic financial literacy and could be an easier starting point for beginners than some other subreddits.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Dad Level Expert Advice, Losing Interest, Netflix Pricier than Oil

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6. r/CreditCards

Followers: 264k (as of 2/4/2021)

As many know, if you’ve been able to get a handle on your credit card—debt, its perks, etc.—you can find yourself in a much stronger financial situation. This subreddit tackles all of that and is a great place to find answers to your credit questions as well as suggestions of credit cards to open or how to make the best use of the cards you already own.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Do not do this if you want your credit card to remain open, Chase versus Amex Trifecta, Reached 750 Fico

7. r/Budget

Followers: 13.5k (as of 2/4/2021)

While this is a smaller subreddit, it’s a go-to for all budgeting inquiries. If you struggle to budget, have questions about efficiently setting one up, or even want to set up an emergency fund, this is a useful subreddit to bookmark.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: I Tracked my Spending for 10 Years, Accurate breakdown of who owns the stock market, List of Budget Categories

8. r/fatFIRE

Followers: 140k (as of 2/4/2021)

The fatFIRE subreddit is not just another FIRE subreddit. One of the main critiques of the FIRE movement is that it forces people to live stingy lives in order to become financially free. You then have to continue to live a frugal life so that your nest egg doesn’t run out, given that the goal is an early retirement. But, the fatFIRE subreddit challenges that. The goal here is to achieve financial freedom without sacrificing your lifestyle, so retiring early but with a fat pile of cash, instead.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: I made $2million in a single year, FatFIREd at 35, Happy 4th Birthday

9. r/Frugal

Followers: 1.6mn (as of 2/4/2021)

This subreddit is for anyone looking to spend more mindfully. They believe frugality is a mindset and is more than just being cheap as frugality considers your resource allocation of time, money, convenience, and other factors. As such, if you’re looking to adopt that mindset, this is the subreddit for you.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Did blacksplash myself for $200 when I was quoted $2000, Paid off student loans in 20 years, Reused outdated maps as wrapping paper

10. r/Banking

Followers: 33.1k (as of 2/4/2021)

Banking is a tricky aspect of financial planning that likely doesn’t get the treatment it deserves. But, this subreddit is entirely dedicated to just that, which makes it a great resource for those looking to level up their personal finance game beyond the basics.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: After 17 years Wells Fargo is the worst bank, You do not need to have all your money in cash at your house, A thank you from a teller

11. r/Investing

Followers: 1.6mn (as of 2/4/2021)

As the largest investing subreddit on Reddit, this group covers a wide range of topics from general stock market questions to brokerage account information. Investing news will also get discussed, here, so it’s a useful place to start if you’re still figuring out your path within the world of investing and which methods work best for you and your lifestyle.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Robinhood and other brokers literally blocking purchases, United Airlines stock down nearly 5%, Bitcoin was nearly $20000 a year ago today

12. r/realestateinvesting

Followers: 338k (as of 2/4/2021)

Real estate investing is a niche within the world of investing and it can often be difficult to understand or break into. But, this subreddit exists to help with that. People share their experiences, answer questions, and address real estate investing as a whole, sometimes getting into even more spheres within this world like commercial real estate, flipping, wholesale, etc.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Tenant was laid off work, I am a failed real estate investor and here’s what I learned, I cannot believe the number of podcasts about real estate investing

13. r/MiddleClassFinance

Followers: 21k (as of 2/4/2021)

This subreddit is small but is a tight-knit community for those who want to discuss financial concerns that those in the Middle Class predominantly face. It’s a judgement-free zone and is a space for genuine connection, learning, and growth.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Starting Salary, Stimulus check got me like, What I did to pay off $23,000 in credit card debt in 3 years

14. r/CryptoCurrency

Followers: 1.5mn (as of 2/4/2021)

The world of crypto is solidly for those who understand personal finance on some level. But, even if you’re a beginner, it doesn’t hurt to follow a subreddit like this to get news, read through questions, and begin building a vocabulary for a newer addition to the finance space. What’s more, as crypto and blockchain play an increasingly important role in the world around us, it’s useful to learn more about this topic, even if you don’t plan to invest your own money into it.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: CryptoNick deleting BitConnect videos, How prices work and what moves them, Robinhood launching a Crypto Trading app

15. r/tax

Followers: 110k (as of 2/4/2021)

If you’re like people, you don’t want to think too much about your taxes. As such, it makes sense that such an important subject has a relatively small following. But, if you’ve ever had questions about your taxes, or changing laws, this is the place to come to.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Will I receive a W2 for taking money from my 401k, Hold return if you received unemployment, CreditKarma owned by Intuit

16. r/leanfire

Followers: 177k (as of 2/4/2021)

If the FIRE movement wasn’t such an important aspect of the personal finance community, there wouldn’t be multiple subreddits dedicated to it. What makes the leanfire subreddit slightly different, though, is that this is for those who want to pursue FIRE from a minimalist or anti-consumerist trajectory. If you’re looking to get into the FIRE movement, it can be useful to peruse all possible subreddits on the topic to figure out which community best matches your lifestyle and goals.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Just paid off my house, I almost died, I officially saved 27K after my first full year of working

17. r/passive_income

Followers: 116k (as of 2/4/2021)

Generating passive income is one of the most attractive methods to grow your personal wealth. Needless to say, this subreddit has a plethora of ideas on creating passive income, maintaining it, and growing those streams, too.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Passive Income Streams I actually use to make 5K a month, I want to make 2K a month, How much money does a small YouTuber make with 7K subscribers

18. r/StudentLoans

Followers: 98.6k (as of 2/4/2021)

With student loans skyrocketing in the US, it should come as no surprise that this is a popular subreddit. While there are plenty of people with student debt, information on the best sources from which to borrow or the best methods to pay back your debt are still minimal. If you want advice on getting and paying off student loans, or just a community of people to commiserate with given this is such a recent generational issue, then this is your place.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: Biden to extend waivers another nine months, Sign to show your support for 0% interest on All Student Loans Forever, 57% of Americans who have already paid off their student loans support Elizabeth Warrens’ plan to can 42 million Americans’ college debt

19. r/sidehustle

Followers: 36.7k (as of 2/4/2021)

In today’s day and age, with rising student debt and uncertainty around every corner, it becomes ever more useful to have a lucrative side hustle. While for many a side hustle can be a stepping stone to a more fulfilling career, for others it’s merely another income stream to save so that they can be better prepared for emergencies or retirement. On this subreddit you can find ideas on picking a side hustle, tips for making it work for you, and expert advice.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: I resell bras on Amazon, 150 Apps and Sites for Gigs, The Ultimate Side Gig

20. r/povertyfinance

Followers: 590k (as of 2/4/2021)

This subreddit was started to help those struggling with personal finance and is a no-judgement community for those who genuinely need help. With lots of advice, personal stories, and tips this is the place to come when other subreddits are bringing you down or confusing you with more advanced tactics. r/povertyfinance is purely there for those who need day-to-day advice with their finances versus being targeted for those who want to grow their wealth.

Top 3 Topics of All Time: I moved into my first apartment at 39, Being Poor is Expensive, Financial Health is the Best form of Therapy

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